Chinese New Year! Red Envelope Challenge

Feb 11, 2021

To make the Chinese New Year celebrations even more festive for our Chinese community, we are announcing a celebratory campaign! Help us spread the word about Mettalex and win 200 MTLX in Rewards!

We are thrilled to announce our first Red Envelop Challenge dedicated to Mettalex’s growing Chinese community!

The rules are simple.

  1. Join Mettalex’s main Telegram group or WeChat group (details below) and get a link to the dedicated Contest page. The link will be in the “pinned messages” sections of both communications channels.
  2. The Contest page is hosted on a third-party application ( where you will find a list of missions.
  3. Complete the missions and receive a specific amount of points for each one.
  4. Your chance of winning increases the more points you earn by completing missions.
  5. Winners will be chosen randomly at the end of the contest.

Challenge Duration

Start: 8:00am UTC (4:00 pm CST) on 11 February, 2021

End: 8:00am UTC (4:00pm CST) on 28 February, 2021

Prizes — 200 MTLX Tokens (>$1600)

There will be 30 winners in total.

  • First Prize: 88 MTLX (one winner)
  • Second Prize: 20 MTLX (one winner)
  • Third Prize: 8 MTLX (six winners)
  • Lucky Prize: 2 MTLX (twenty-two winners)

Mettalex Communities

English — Telegram

Chinese — WeChat (ID: jasonwong1911 or scan the QR below)

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The winners will be announced in the group at the end of the Challenge and will receive their prize as a deposit into their ERC-20 wallet address within 14 working days after the end of the contest.

Please find the full Terms and Conditions here.

Happy Chinese New Year! May your crypto wallets overflow with MTLX tokens! 🙂

About Mettalex

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