Mettalex Amplify: PancakeSwap V2 Pool Migration

Jun 4, 2021

Amplify yield farmers on Binance Smart Chain can now migrate their PancakeSwap V1 liquidity provider (LP) tokens to the V2 pool.
The PancakeSwap V2 migration is now live!

All it takes is: one button click and five transaction approvals.

Mettalex Amplify yield farmers can now go to, stake all their PancakeSwap LP tokens, and click the “Migrate” button. After confirming all five MetaMask transactions*, their LP tokens will be migrated and staked so yield farming is not interrupted.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that ALL your PancakeSwap V1 tokens are staked in Amplify before initiating the migration. Any V1 LP tokens available in your MetaMask wallet will not be migrated and you will have to migrate them through PancakeSwap.

* Liquidity providers have to confirm five consecutive transactions to migrate and re-stake their LP tokens. Those include:

  1. Withdrawing PancakeSwap V1 LP tokens from Amplify;
  2. Approving PancakeSwap V1 LP token management by migration contract;
  3. Migrating PancakeSwap V1 LP tokens to V2;
  4. Approving PancakeSwap V2 LP token management by Amplify;
  5. Depositing PancakeSwap V2 LP tokens to Amplify.

Temporary Removal of the 5% Withdrawal Fee

Since the migration requires the unstaking of LP tokens, we will temporarily remove the 5% withdrawal fee.

The fee will be reinstated on 10.06.2021.

Drip Rate

The anyMTLX drip rate per Binance Smart Chain block is now 0.03.

If you experience any issues, please fill-in this short form so we can troubleshoot.

We wish you high APYs and green candles!

Happy yield farming on Mettalex Amplify!


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