Mettalex Community Update | March 2022

Mar 18, 2022

Marketing Updates

Mettalex’s Profile Update – We are happy to share that’s Mettalex (MTLX) Price Page is updated and now features a direct link to the Mettalex blog RSS feed. All users are now able to access the latest Mettalex news through the app. Read the full announcement here. Mettalex and were also mentioned in’s monthly update.

MettaInsights Series – Over the last month, the global geopolitical situation has contributed to the spectacular appreciation of a number of commodities. We not only witnessed a number of raw materials reaching a multi-year all-time-highs, but also an unprecedented halt of trading on the major London Metal Exchange.

During these troubled times, we managed to analyze two of the most seriously affected metal commodities – namely Palladium and Nickel. Apart from fears over sanctions disrupting supplies from Russia, read through our research to find out what else influenced these assets’ performance.

Mettalex Research Series – We continued our research into NFTs’ use as collateral in DeFi. In Part III of the series we looked into fractional ownership and real estate-related use cases. As opposed to the lending and borrowing protocols explored in Part II, this time our focus was on projects that employ Fractionalized Real Estate NFTs to facilitate investing, crowdfunding, and home equity borrowing. Mortgage tokenization and mortgage-collateralized lending are the other exciting new trends examined in this piece. Access Part I and Part II of this series if you hadn’t reviewed them yet. Let us know if you find our NFT-focused research series useful on Telegram or Twitter.

Mettalex in the Media – Over the last few weeks several crypto news outlets cited Mettalex as the pioneer in decentralized commodity derivatives trading. TheNewsCrypto, TechBullion, and BeInCrypto have all discussed the advantages of integrating blockchain and crypto assets into the global commodity supply chain, and highlighted the potential benefits of using the Mettalex DEX.

Mettalex’s Position on USDO’s De-Pegging – Mettalex community members brought to our attention that the USDO stablecoin has somewhat lost its peg to the US Dollar. Consequently, we made several attempts to contact the OpenDAO team whom we have always considered a responsive partner, to check what caused the current situation. We haven’t received any response as of the time of writing which forced us to start considering how to best protect the Mettalex community. Check our official announcement on Twitter.

User Feedback Form – We highly appreciate your feedback and improvement suggestions so make sure to keep them coming. Use this form to share your proposals and we will review them and add them to the development cue.

Mettalex Newsletter – Just a reminder that you can receive the latest Mettalex news twice a month and straight to your mailbox. If you haven’t subscribed to our mailing list yet you can do it on our Website’s Community Page or on our Twitter profile.

Development Updates

Over the last month, the Mettalex development team continued their work on UI/UX enhancements, performance optimization, and research.

The main focus of part of the dev team, including our CTO – Matt McDonnell – is to research a potential answer to the liquidity question and propose a protocol design that minimizes risk for traders, liquidity providers, and the Mettalex DEX. Although we are eager to share more info on this, we will not spoil the surprise with a premature announcement. 😉 Stay tuned.

UI/UX Improvements:

  • Social media and website links were added in the DEX’s footer (currently on staging);
  • The team has performed responsiveness optimizations for DEX tablet view;
  • Icons and components styling has been improved, as well as the alignment of elements.
  • The general loading screen on the Trading page is now replaced with per-element loading animations (on staging, to be pushed out next week).
  • The dev team has incorporated the abovementioned feedback form into the staging version of the DEX (top of screen). We plan to incentivize useful feedback with a monthly reward in MTLX tokens.

Performance Optimization:

  • Some code refactoring has been performed to prevent multiple re-renders;
  • The navigation drawer and app container have been restructured;
  • The wallet connect/disconnect functionality has been improved. Further work might be needed here since MetaMask’s latest update introduces some non-backward compatible changes.


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