Mettalex Community Update | July #2 2021

Aug 5, 2021

Marketing Updates:

  • Gleam Campaign – right after launching yield farming in the Mettalex DEX, we initiated our first Gleam campaign to spread awareness among liquidity providers. It ended on August 4th. We will be distributing $1,000 worth of anyMTLX to 100 winners soon. Expect more such campaigns in the future.
  • Mettacast 03 – For the third episode of our Mettacast series, we had the enormous pleasure of welcoming Ioana Surpateanu – Chief Strategy Officer at DIA Association and Principal for DIALabs. We discussed the essential role that oracle technology plays in DeFi, regulating crypto on an EU level, the boom of NFTs, and many other topics. Watch the recording here and make sure to check out Episode 01 and Episode 02 as well. Expect the next Mettacast series in September.
  • Mettalex Website Update – We are constantly working on improving and renewing the website content and structure. This latest update included refining the MTLX farming page, including a search bar in the blog, and adding a smart contract audits section. Check it out here and let us know what you think.
  • Mettalex Amplify Extension – We announced an extension of Mettalex’s long-term high yield farming program Amplify. 250,000 MTLX tokens are currently being added to the Amplify liquidity pools on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Provide liquidity by staking ETH, FET, or USDT here or by staking BUSD here.
  • Q3/Q4 Roadmap – The Mettalex team is currently working on a summary of all Q2 achievements and a roadmap of the main goals we plan to pursue in Q3/Q4 of 2021. More information will be shared soon.
  • “Name the Community” Competition – The winner in the “Name the Community” competition has been announced! Mettalex community members can now be referred to as “Titans” :). We are all Mettalex Titans now! The winner already received their 300 MTLX token reward. We will be forever grateful to them for coming with this great name.
  • MTLX Token Utility – The Mettalex marketing and business development teams have been working hard to establish partnerships that will expand the utility of the MTLX token. Expect a series of announcements in August and beyond.
  • A Bounty Campaign – The Mettalex team is currently drafting a fun bounty campaign that will run throughout August. Follow the communication channels for news!

Development Updates:

  • UI Improvements – The P&L calculation on Mettalex DEX markets has been a primary focus of the Mettalex team among other UI enhancements. An improved P&L table is currently being tested in pre-production and will be deployed soon.
  • LP Tokens Collateral – We are currently exploring different approaches to make Uniswap/PancakeSwap LP tokens usable as collateral on the DEX. The focus is on making Amplify LP tokens available as collateral, but other LP tokens could also be implemented if we are successful.
  • Adding Other Types of Collateral – We are also working on implementing other types of collateral on the DEX (apart from LP tokens). Expect news here VERY soon.
  • Liquidity Auto-Transfer to New Markets – Once a Mettalex market is settled, liquidity is currently not automatically transferred to the new version of that market. The dev team is working to address that.
  • Mobile App – Work on the mobile app is progressing. A number of screens have been added and are currently functional.
  • Amplify UI Update – The dev team updated the Amplify UI about the first Amplify extension.


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