MTLX Competition at OKex, Conflux, MoonSwap

Apr 20, 2021

Users will soon be able to supply liquidity to the cMTLX:cUSDT pair on MoonSwap and receive cMTLX, cMoon, and CFX tokens. The top 3 traders will win rewards too!

With the goal to expand the use of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications throughout the Asia region and raise awareness about MTLX in the Conflux ecosystem, Mettalex is joining a week-long yield farming/trading program.

The initiative is dedicated to both liquidity providers and traders who want to win rewards and experience 0 fee transactions on the Ethereum L2 DEX – MoonSwap. Interactions with the decentralized exchange are subsidized by the Conflux Network and the cross-chain asset protocol ShuttleFlow.

Program Details

Yield Farming

  • Start Date: 21.04.2021
  • End Date: 28.04.2021
  • Farming Pool: cMTLX:cUSDT on
  • Rewards: ~$7000 worth of cMTLX tokens, ~$7000 worth of CFX tokens, and ~$7000 worth of cMOON tokens for a total of $21,000 in rewards. ~$3000 worth of rewards per day.

Trading Competition

  • Start Date: 21.04.2021
  • End Date: 28.04.2021
  • Eligible Pair: cMTLX:cUSDT on
  • Rewards: Based on highest volume generated
    • First Place: $500 in cMTLX tokens
    • Second Place: $250 in cMTLX tokens
    • Third Place: $100 in cMTLX tokens
    • 3 runner-up prizes of $50 in cMTLX tokens

How to Join?

Yield Farming

  • Deposit cMTLX and cUSDT in the cMTLX:cUSDT pool on
  • You can move MTLX and USDT to Conflux (receiving cMTLX and cUSDT respectively) using the bridge developed by the Conflux team: You can also use MoonSwap: (MoonSwap incorporates the ShuttleFlow API)
  • You can find links to tutorials on how to transfer liquidity from Ethereum to Conflux and start yield farming in this MoonSwap blog post.


  • Exchange cMTLX for cUSDT and vice-versa.
  • The higher the volume you generate, the higher the chance of winning.
  • The Moonswap team will review all participants and issue the rewards to the winning addresses one week after the competition concludes.

AMA with Conflux

We plan to organize an AMA session in Mettalex’s Telegram group to discuss the Conflux DeFi ecosystem, what their cooperation with OKex will look like, and when we should expect cMTLX tokens to become available on OKex.

Details will be shared soon.


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