Mettalex Launches a MTLX:USDT Pair on MXC

Feb 3, 2021

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To enable cost-efficient access to the MTLX governance token, Mettalex is announcing a listing on MXC.

Mettalex and MXC join forces to bring the MTLX token to centralized exchange users.

We are happy to announce that the popular MTLX:USDT pair will be available on MXC at 12:00 GMT, Feb. 8, 2021.

Reaching New Users

To make this listing as successful as possible, we are organizing several marketing campaigns with our friends from MXC, including:

  • Yield Farming on
  • Twitter campaign Activity
  • Two AMAs on ICO Pantera and MXC English (Telegram)
  • “Red Envelope”

Yield Farming on

MXC users will be able to farm MTLX tokens with MX, ETH, BTC, or USDT. The reward pool is 5200 MTLX tokens

Start time: 03:00 GMT, Feb. 3, 2021

End time: Feb. 6, 2021

Farming details per coin:

  • MX: no hard cap; a total of 1,560 MTLX (30% of the yield pool)
  • BTC: no hard cap; a total of 1,300 MTLX (25% of the yield pool)
  • ETH: no hard cap; a total of 1,300 MTLX (25% of the yield pool)
  • USDT: no hard cap; a total of 1,040 MTLX (20% of the yield pool)


To participate:

  • Log in to > “MX DeFi” > find Mettalex
  • MXC mobile app > Homepage > “MX DeFi” > find Mettalex

Yield farming calculation (daily):

User’s daily yield = (user’s liquidity / total liquidity) * yield pool for the day


1. Entry standard: 10 MX, 1 USDT, 0.001 BTC, 0.01 ETH respectively

2. If a users join staking on T day, he/she can unlocking the coin on the T+1 day;

3. The yield is calculated daily and will be distributed to the user’s account on the next day.

Twitter Reshares Campaign

10 users who follow MXC and Mettalex, reshare tagging three friends, and add a comment, will have the chance to win 1 MTLX.

Find the tweet to be retweeted here.

Two AMA with the Mettalex Team

Mettalex will join two Telegram AMA with the MXC team:


Metalex-focused quizzes will be organized during the two AMAs with total rewards for participants at 700 MTLX.

Red Envelope

A random user who has traded MTLX will receive a “Red Envelope” in WeChat with 28 MTLX in it.

The Mettalex community is welcome to join these promotional activities and help spread the word about the first commodity derivatives-focused DEX in the DeFi space!

About Mettalex

Mettalex is a decentralized commodities derivatives trading platform powered by Founded with the mission to bring the $20 trillion commodities market on-chain, Mettalex provides the technology needed to scale the DeFi ecosystem to meet the needs of today’s global financial markets. For more information, please visit

About MXC Exchange

Established in April 2018, MXC Exchange is one of the world’s leading digital-asset trading platforms that offers users one-stop services including spot, margin, leveraged ETF, derivatives trading, and staking services. The core members of the team come from world-class enterprises and financial companies, who have rich experience in blockchain and financial industries. We offer the most comprehensive marketplace where global crypto traders, miners, and institutional investors come to manage crypto assets, enhance investment opportunities and hedge risks, and formulate their strategies to maximize gains and mitigate risks. For more information, please visit


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