Mettalex Partners With Polars to Attract Traders

Nov 2, 2021

With the launch of the mainnet network getting closer, Polars is organizing a Big Trading Competition with a prize pool of over $300k and NFT rewards to create some buzz.

The competition will happen on two platforms – Twitter and Polar’s testnet on Binance Smart Chain.

The Black and White Tweets

Two tweets will be posted by Polar’s main Twitter account with content generated by Mettalex – one will represent a White Team, the other – a Black Team. On Polars’ testnet platform, users will be able to make a prediction about which tweet will generate more likes and reshares by betting test BUSD on the White or Black team. Whichever of the two tweets gets the most likes and retweets in 2 hours will win.

Conditions for Receiving MTLX Tokens as Part of Polars’ Big Trading Competition

To receive the airdrop and rewards as one of the 100 winners who bet on the winning tweet, the user must comply with all the conditions and rules of the Big Trading Competition. Here are the required steps:

If you have followed all steps, you will be credited with 500 test BUSD on the Binance Smart Chain testnet a few days before the start of the big trading competition.

Mettalex sponsors the Big Trading Competition with a $25k contribution to the prize pool (in anyMTLX tokens, Binance Smart Chain).

To claim the MTLX rewards, the 100 winners will need to perform additional free actions on the Mettalex DEX on Binance Smart Chain’s testnet. Details will be announced once the 100 winners have been selected.

When Will the Competition Launch?

The competition will start in about two weeks. We will share the exact date as soon as the Polars team is ready.

What Should You Do Now?

The best thing to do is to register, complete all the required steps, and get ready! You can find more details about the Big Trading Competition on Polars’ official blog on Medium.


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