Mettalex’s Python SDK – Now Available

Mar 29, 2021

Advanced users can now have programmatic access to all Mettalex markets through the Python-based SDK.

With the goal of making the Mettalex’s commodity derivatives markets available to a wide range of market participants, the DEX’s Python SDK is now publicly available on GitHub.

The software package enables power users to automate complex trading or hedging strategies. It also streamlines Mettalex’s integration into other decentralized applications.

The SDK can be used to:

  • Open and close positions on any available Mettalex market.
  • Mint and redeem tokens on all Mettalex markets.
  • Interact with the Mettalex DEX on Ethereum’s Kovan network and Binance Smart Chain’s testnet and mainnet.


To install the SDK package, simply use the following command:

pip install -e git+

To get more information about the SDK, please go to:

If you experience any issues or require support, get in touch with us on Telegram.

Happy programmatic trading!


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